With all the hype of Healthy Living and the widespread commonality of Food Allergies, many restaurants are now offering GF (Gluten Free), DF (Dairy Free), Veg (Vegetarian), V (Vegan), and  even Raw menu options. For those living with common Food Allergies, having OPTIONS can be very freeing!!!

Here is a Quick List of Restaurants that offer Gluten Free and other Allergen Free OPTIONS. I will try and keep this list updated and current, but be sure to check the restaurant websites for new changes. Also Check Out: www.GlutenFreeRegistry.com for a list of Gluten Free Restaurants, Bakeries, and Stores in your location. This is particularly helpful when planning a trip or going somewhere new.

*Also, always remember when eating at ANY restaurant to ask to speak with a manager.  Explain to them the importance of no gluten contact or any other Allergen Concerns.



(R)estaurants & (A)llergen Friendly Menus



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