June 19th, 2012

There are many factors involved that cause our body to experience unpleasant changes in both our insides and outsides. Not only should we concern ourselves with what we eat and how we live, but we have to battle against the changes in weather and temperature as well. The KEY is knowing your body. Many people are effected most in the Colder Winter months while others find they struggle more in the Hotter Summer temperatures. While what we eat and how active we are during these Environmental changes can play a huge role, so can the products we use on our hair, skin, and nails. Both our insides and outsides are affected by the environment we create for them to live in. If our diet consists of mainly refined sugars, processed foods, and fried foods than we cause our body to work much harder than needed to overcompensate for the lack of nutrients and vitamins it is missing out on and we experience often unpleasant outcomes. Our digestive organs are unable to perform the way they need to as they try to figure out how to keep the body going and performing as well as possible. Then our hair, skin, and nails suffer. They become dry, brittle, flaky, and unhealthy. We deserve to treat our bodies better than this.

However what about the things Out of our Control? Weather and Temperature changes can also cause many of the same changes to our bodies. Combined with our diet, the effects of the weather changes can cause many undesired side effects such as DRY CRACKED LIPS, Split Ends, Peeling and Weakened Nails, Dry Flaky Scalp, Acne, Blemishes and Dry Skin. These are only a few things, but they each can have a big effect on the way we go about our lives.


Recently, and out of the blue it seemed, my lips became very dry and began to split. I knew I wasn’t hydrating as much as I should so I began to load in the liquids. I drank tons more water and even made Cucumber Water and Lemon Water for the many benefits they have internally and externally. That seemed to help, but not effectively eradicate the issue at hand. My lips were suffering. My lip glosses, chapsticks, and ointments were of NO benefit. I did some research and was displeased to learn I had already been taking all of the necessary actions to no avail. My goal was to find natural remedies to help bring relief. I know that Anemia among many other health issues and deficiencies could be a factor so I made sure to make changes in my diet as well, but for the most part I was on track. So why then were my lips hurting instead of improving?

I dug a little deeper and found that applying a small amount of Coconut Oil to your lips at bedtime can help tremendously. After a couple of nights of using it I realized my lips had improved and were no longer hurting. WoooHooooo!


Every day is a new day so it is important to approach your body in the same way. Every day you should be drinking enough water, eating healthy food choices and portions, exercising or being active in some way, laughing and smiling, and getting enough sleep. You can’t change the weather, but you can keep up a healthy body maintenance plan so you can be the Best your body is able to be!!!

Coconut Oil can be found in local grocery store in the oil section, organic section, or health section depending on how your store arranges their items. It comes in a jar and usually looks like white lard. In cooler temps it holds a more solid consistency, while in warmer temps it becomes a yellowish oil. Either way its beneficial to you in many ways. You can use it in place of lotion on your skin, you can wash with it in the shower after you wash with soap, for added moisture. You can rub it on your hair and scalp both in and out of the shower (I do this regularly), you can even take it back in the kitchen and cook and bake with it or add it to salads as a dressing base. Coconut Oil is so versatile and packed full of nutrients and vitamins with many beneficial properties that help reduce inflammation and balance out some things in your body. You can also make some Natural DIY Homemade Lip Scrubs.

Try It Out!!!

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