January 11th, 2013

J O U R N A L   E N T R Y

Starting on Sunday, January 13th, 2013, we begin our 21 Day Daniel’s Fast as a First Fruits Offering for the year. I NEED this year to be different. I CANNOT end this and be the same person. I NEED to push past some areas of weakness in my life. I HAVE to move forward. I HAVE to see change!!!

I’m taking this seriously, because I am serious about what I want…even if I don’t exactly know what it is I want. I KNOW that I need Him desperately to accomplish whatever is set for this year and I know that I cannot accomplish it feeling as lost, confused, and unsure as I have been this past year. I cannot question my entire life for another year. Fear has clouded my judgment and emotions for too long. I do not expect to escape from standing up against fear, but I do expect to not become so debilitated and consumed by it.

Whether it is fear, doubt, shame, guilt, laziness, or imperfections, I do not want to live bound by these things, dominated by these things, and moved by these things anymore! I AM UNSHAKEN in my faith and in who I am in Christ Jesus because before the foundations of the world YOU knew me! If I put ALL on You, I will have achieved success in this life!!!

Help me Holy Spirit to gain access into the throne room, to be more disciplined with my time, to be more open to Your moving, to be more receptive to Your revelations. Holy Spirit, AWAKEN me!!! Allow me to see as You do so I may accomplish my purpose, His purpose for my life. In Jesus Name, Amen.

For this FAST I am committing to writing a PRAYER JOURNAL each of the 21 Days. I am also making a list of my Personal and Corporate Prayer Directives so I may be intentional during this fast. If I ever needed Him most, it’s NOW!!!


A Spiritual Awakening in my Life
To Know and Understand my Purpose more Clearly
-In Ministry-
-With Business-
Binding the Spirit of Fear
What am I Called to Do and How Do I Do It???
What Can I Do to Enlarge the Kingdom of God This Year?
Open the Right Doors, Close the Right Doors

Until the Next Time,

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