June 30th, 2012

If there is anything that frustrates the pooopers out of me most it’s Diagnosis.

Why you ask?

I am just so sick of how everything has to be explained by a disease or disorder or prognosis or case of symptoms….you get my drift. It seems to be the only go to answer in the medical field. And although I appreciate the medical field I don’t always agree with everything about it. My oldest son has struggled since Kindergarten with Focusing. It took a couple years, but the dreaded ADD/ADHD questions begin to come up at school. After talking with the Doctor, talking with my Husband, and talking with God, I just couldn’t accept going the route of labeling, diagnosis, and medications with horrible side effects. The crazy thing is the school told us that if we had an official diagnosis than they would be able to help him more and be more understanding with his school work throughout the years as it would become increasingly more challenging for him.


No Thanks!!!

We don’t need a diagnosis or a “Label” to HELP him in school. What about approaching school and school work differently? What about meeting a child where they are at instead of forcing them to fit into a mold? What about teaching him new ways to be successful? How do you take a smart kid who needs just a little more one on one direction or redirection when distracted and make him a successful student?

Change Your Diet, Change Your Life!

Did you know that many kids, and adults as well, who suffer from ADD/ADHD, Autism, and other Cognitive Struggles are often deficient in Magnesium and some other Vitamins and Nutrients in the body? For some people their body is unable to absorb a needed amount of a particular vitamin or nutrient from foods causing a reaction in the way the brain functions instead of breaking out in hives or experiencing other more noticeable or identifiable allergic reaction. For some people, the reaction they get is an inability to focus, hyperactivity, challenges articulating what is in their brain to speaking or writing it out fluently, speech impairments, etc. FOOD can cause a mound of problems far beyond obesity and indigestion. If we look close enough and listen hard enough our bodies always tell us what is wrong. We just need to quiet down and find out what it is saying and what it is showing us.

As I began to change HOW my family eats, I noticed a change in the health and wellness of my children, especially my older son. The older he gets (he is almost 13) the more he learns how to OVERCOME the many obstacles and challenges that life brings him. For him, learning to help his brain focus started out as a horrible torment with FAILURE stamped all over it and now has since become a victorious success story he is still writing. It’s hard to get a small child to understand how to Not get so easily distracted and so we endured many nights of long hours of homework, many shed tears, frustration that went through the roof and down the street, and a feeling of hopelessness. In my quest to NEVER give up hope we were able to find our feet and see some light in the tunnel. We don’t aim for perfection, we work hard to be as excellent as we are able to be, always giving our personal best, always aiming higher than we think we are capable so we don’t become complacent in our efforts. We eat healthier foods that help to promote better brain function, boost memory, give the nutrients and vitamins necessary to stay on top of our game, and keep us feeling great inside and outside. We talk about making positive decisions with positive outcomes and how we can give all of our struggles and challenges to God and ask Him to help us Succeed. Making these changes is how we can say we have achieved SUCCESS and VICTORY over the Focusing Hurdles.

No one says Change Your Food. No one says You’re Deficient in Vitamins. No one says There Is Another Way, A Natural Way. No one says the Problem is not the Symptom, but what is causing the symptom? No one says Let’s See What The Problem REALLY Is? No one Takes the time to see PAST the obvious, easily diagnosed, list of symptoms and say What About THIS Answer…Instead of going with the Easy Way out and popping a pill to solve the problem, let’s look PAST the easy and see that it is not always a “problem” but a “hurdle” your legs can jump right over.

The tools are there…Your Garden, Your Produce Section of the grocery store, Your MindsetIt’s ALL There! 


Everyday is a new day with a new opportunity to take back control of your life and not allow your struggles to dictate your success


Everyday we make a choice to press forward or give up


Whatever we choose determines how far we are able to go…


We aim to go higher and higher…


and the End is  S U C C E S S !


 Living Free is the Way To Be!!!


Today it’s Living Free from Diagnosis,

Tomorrow it’s Living Free from something else.

Everyday we choose to



Until the Next Time,

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