August 13th, 2012

This weekend was a very _______________ kind of weekend! I really cannot think of an adjective that would best describe it. Although this past week was a SHORT Back To School week (since the kids started Wednesday with a half-day), we are all still feeling the brunt of this very structured schedule and daily routine. All-in-all I am pleased with the first week back. It has been quite productive and rather enjoyable. I LOVE my kiddos to pieces, but having some quiet to be able to get work done and complete a thought is definitely something I have missed! The hubby and I have been working mobile from our ‘Starbucks office’this week while the kids have been in school. Last year we moved into a new part of town and just didn’t like the selection of schools offered. We found a charter school that met all of our needs with Elementary and Middle School.

To give you some quick background: My oldest son had a terrible 6th grade year. Starting at a separate Middle School just proved to be too much too fast for him. I never liked the idea of forcing your kids to ‘mature’ and ‘grow up’ faster than they should. I think society, with all the technological advances, forces kids to become adult-like while they are still too immature to handle that lifestyle. I believe this is why we see so many Teenage Pregnancies, Kids on Drugs, Suicides, and Trouble with the Law. Most kids are placed into a situation they were NEVER ready to handle. Now, obviously some kids mature faster than others, especially when they have older siblings, yet there is a pure and un-defiled innocence left in them that we as a culture seem to strip away too fast. I say let them be kids while you teach them how to grow up. Anyways, after a couple of months into the year we encountered some obstacles that caused us to pull our oldest out of 6th grade and Homeschool him. We used an Online School and it was great! However, it had been my first year with all 3 kids in school (the youngest had just started Kindergarten) and I wasn’t too keen on relinquishing the freedom I had just started to become accustomed to. It was an interesting year, but I LEARNED my son in a whole new way. I learned his study habits, his areas of strength and areas of weakness in a way I never would have had the opportunity to see. I had to find a new balance wearing my Mom Hat and my Teacher Hat. This transitional year for the two of us really built up our relationship and has helped him get a better handle on his success in school. We were able to dialogue throughout the year when laziness and poor choice crept in and found ways to overcome those challenges. You may remember from a previous post on Diagnosis, that he has also pushed past an inability to focus. Each year as he sees his own successes in areas, he can confidently face new challenges and overcome them as well. Needless to say…He is now in 8th grade this year and this smaller scale Charter School has met the need providing a separate area for middle-schoolers with the same type of switching class schedule, but in an environment conducive to his needs. I feel because of this school and our homeschool time, he is now achieving a much more successful and impacting education….NOW AS FOR HIGH SCHOOL NEXT YEAR…..we aren’t going to talk about that at all right now…..I just….NOOOO….not ready for that ultimate growing up! EEEEeeeeeeeeeK! 


After talking your ear off typing your eyes off about things having NOTHING to do with my weekend….I will get to it!

The School Year is off to a great start, Schedules and Time Management have now become more structured, Work is getting Done, and Tiredness has completely invaded our home….LOL! This month we have some event to attend EVERY Saturday. Our Saturdays are normally reserved for REST because it is the only day in the entire week we have the ability to do so, except this month of course. This weekend has been full, not just full…jam packed! I think we are all battling a bug too, which doesn’t help and probably is the cause for the extra tiredness. Here are some fun pics of just the first half of our Saturday…Lol!

All 10 of our kitchen chairs had broken leg support bars that would randomly fall off. We would quarantine our chairs when guests came, but somehow the broken ones would still find their way back in. Ahhhh…that daunting task on your To-Do List you keep putting off…But alas…DONE!


I wanted a Starbucks Refresher, but we had so much to get done in a small amount of time at the house and it just never happened. I opted for a healthier version of something Refreshing! I made a Cucumber Ginger Lemonade Green Juice instead and enjoyed every refreshing drop!!!

I LOVE HOMEMADE POPCORN…have I mentioned that before??? Well since most microwave popcorn and movie theater popcorn all contain that lovely allergen: SOY, I have to make my own. Admittedly, I had never actually popped my own popcorn up until this summer. After doing it, I really don’t know why I have not done this before. It doesn’t take long, it tastes WAY better, and it is much healthier for you instead of all the chemicals and processed oils and ingredients used in the other stuff. My kids BEG for popcorn, since it has now become a Friday Night Tradition when they spend time with Granny! Me and the hubby lead a Youth group on Friday Nights so Granny is our designated sitter…

she loves it. they love it. we’re happy.

And…there’s POPCORN.


First Comes LOVE…We joined with our friends in the celebration of their 10 year anniversary. They had a vow renewal ceremony and party. It was great and they had Pita Jungle cater so I enjoyed Hummus and Cucumbers. YUM! Get this though…my friend (the one we were celebrating) contacted me earlier in the week to find out what special dessert she could make for me since she knows I can’t have Chocolate, Gluten, Soy, Dairy, and certain Fruits. WHAT!?!?!?! That is seriously THE Sweeeeeeetest thing ever! How thoughtful and may I boast, Oh So Enjoyable. She made a delectable Strawberries n’ Cream Goodness in a bowl with the most yummy crust at the bottom. I believe it was Vegan and probably Raw…I didn’t even ask her because it was just so good and of course the night was about her and hubby!  The cool thing is her an her hubby are also owners of A Healthy New Me where they promote Healthy ways of Eating and Living from great recipes to full on Food Prep for you. It’s a great program and it has already helped so many people. I love having friends who are passionate about Food like me on a healthy level. Yay!! Means delicious recipes shared and a bowl of unbelievably yummy goodness that I have been rationing off since then…and hiding from my kids who would devour it if left the chance to.

That is all for now…and that wasn’t even all of it, but I’ve already written a novel! LOL!

Until the next busy weekend…(THIS weekend)!

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