July 30th, 2012

Happy Monday!

The beginning of August is literally a blink away which means BACK 2 SCHOOL for the kiddos and Back to Routine for Me! It has truly been a busy Summer, but when I look back to the end of May and I think about all the DIY Projects I wanted to accomplish….um, well, none of those fabulous, Pinterest inspired ideas were fulfilled! Darn! The Summer was fruitful though and I enjoyed every crazy moment of it with my family. However, I am very much looking forward to getting back to some kind of normalcy and a forced schedule, even if that means waking up early every morning and lots of homework! I like the place I am at in my life. This was the first summer I was actually excited for and we didn’t even go on any awesome vacations(besides Family Camp with our Church). After a grueling year, Summer for me meant a break, a time to wind down, moments to sleep in, time spent working on some new ideas, and time with my kiddos and hubby (in home movie nights with homemade stovetop popcorn…YUM!!!). And now that Summer has come to a glorious and rather quick end, I am looking forward to School and Routine, despite the more unpleasant parts. With every season comes NEW Adventures, NEW Challenges, NEW Goals, and NEW Accomplishments. Once I get back into the swing of things and begin to Flow with the Current of this familiar yet uninhabited journey,

Agh-hem. . . hold on let me grab my soap box . . .

I Will Be Unstoppable!!!



In lieu of all the  N E W,  I have some rather exciting News…

Coming this November I will be turning…

dun, dun, dun….

The Big



Yep, that’s right! It’s crazy to believe really! I am not quite sure how I got here so fast because I was seriously just a teenager yesterday…haha! Hey, at least I still look young! That should help me embrace these next 10 years right?


I must (honestly) admit. I have been struggling with this approaching age. Maybe even slightly Mid-Life Crisis-like. Ok, I am not freaking out horribly and buying a sports car or anything (I don’t actually have the money to do that). There are no motorcycles or crazy hair styles and fashion styles. I am still the same me and I don’t plan on introducing any wild transformations into my life…well, not too wild that is!

I do want introduce something though…

I have decided on a Fabulous and rather Awesome way to EMBRACE this Big Day and New Chapter of my life. My oldest son is about to become a teenager in late August and my youngest is going into the 2nd Grade. The “Baby” stages of my kiddies lives are now over and they are growing up before my eyes which means I must grow up too! I have no regrets or reservations entering this new chapter. I am ready for it! The shock is just in it getting here so fast and if you knew my whole story you might just feel a slight shock yourself(another story for another day!).

This whole Getting Ready or Being Ready feeling has birthed my Newest Idea…Finally!!!


I am Celebrating and Embracing THIRTY with some 30-Type Challenges. Everything will somehow tie in this Thirty-Theme. I will be bringing back the 30 Day Smoothie Challenge (date TBA) and also integrating a NEW 30 Day Fitness Challenge (date TBA). Everything will be based on this Thirty-Theme and you can Celebrate right along with me!


We will be


(Feeling Inspired Today)





Keep on the Look-Out for a Date to START. I wanted to give a little time to get the kids ready for Back2School and become acclimated to living by a Schedule again. Don’t worry…this will be happening Very Soon!!! August is a BIG MONTH! Get Ready!!!


Until the Next Time,

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