June 22nd, 2012






Change is inevitable. Change is continual. Change is growth. Change is happening all around us and I’m not talking about the ridiculous theory of evolution; that was actually recanted, but we won’t go there.

Change is something I have claimed to Love, but in all actuality I have come to realize I do NOT Love it and rather have somewhat of a discontentment with it. It’s not Change itself that bothers me, but the form in which it comes; randomly, spontaneously, without prior notice, in an often but not always unpleasant manner. If Change would inform me first of it’s intentions then maybe I would be more inclined to open my arms and happily receive it.

Speaking of Change…

My blog site is going to be undergoing some “Changes” as well. I am restructuring some things and making my message a bit clearer. You see I started this in one direction, but the further I have come the clearer my vision has become. I have gained a new perspective of myself and my passions. The thing is…you kind of have to bear with me during this restructuring. I am not shutting it down and making a grand comeback. I am merely making some minor altercations which will have some major impact. I am really excited about it because it will give me a better platform for helping you achieve that Healthy Lifestyle I know you truly desire. Yeah…I heard you mumble that! It will help me  B E  M E  in a much more effective way and then you can Be YOU too, or Find You.

I have laid all my cards on the table from the start and I’m organizing them.

Growing up my family were BIG Game Fanatics. I’m talking Card Games & Board Games. That was our family bonding time and it was a big deal. When extended family came to visit I could always look forward to late night games at the table. I tried to hang with the adults as much as I was allowed. I wanted in on all the big games: Monopoly, Gin Rummy, Hand & Foot, Spades, and so many others. I had to prove I could hang. Haha…in my younger years I had the hardest time holding all the cards in my little hands and being able to pull from one without them all falling out…Darn my little kid hands…I felt like the T-Rex from the “Meet the Robinsons” movie. Lol! My mom would let me have a “kid-cheat” and lay my cards out on the table periodically to reorganize them. I knew that meant people were looking at what I had, but that didn’t stop me from keeping in the game with the big league (adults). I’ll never forget some of my last memories with my late Grandmother playing Monopoly and being one of the last 3 left in a game that started with a full table. I felt so proud. I beat all of you adults and I was in the last leg with my Grandma — “the Pro”. I didn’t win officially, but in my book it was a Super Win! I will cherish that Win forever and always!!!

Much like I did as a child because my hands were too small, I have laid all my cards on the table so I could reorganize them. I know that all of you can see them, but that won’t stop me from pursuing my “win” and moving forward in what I love to do. The truth is we never stop changing and growing so neither will the things I do and how I do them. I will learn how to do them more effectively. I will learn what works and what doesn’t. I will stumble upon new passions and old ones will be rekindled. There are many layers to this person that is ME. I have lots to share with you.

So whether or not you get it all yet…

Wait for it….

because this is only the beginning for…


S t a y  T u n e d . . .



Until the Next Time,

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