June 20th, 2012

Gee Wilikers!

I just plain feel like Crap!

There, I said it!

I have been doing none of the things I should all I know to do to feel better. I’m just Achy and Blah! Is this Hormones? Is this Seasonal Allergies? Have I had too much Sugar? Have I been Glutened unknowingly? Am I getting…..Sick (gulp)? I haven’t been eating horribly. I know better than to eat too much sugar because I will get headaches, but the only sugar I have is RAW Sugar in my Chai Tea. On Father’s Day while everyone was devouring the GlutenFULL cakes I baked I ate some Pamela’s Simple Bites Ginger Snapz and Fresh Berries.

The extra hot and extra dry summer weather often causes sinus issues for me so I know that staying Hydrated is KEY and so I have been drinking plenty of water; Cucumber Water even, for an extra refresh! I probably have been staring way too long at both my iPad screen and Laptop screen as I have been working, but I have been propped up in bed with my feet elevated and comfy. I guess I have been worrying about all those unanswered questions I spoke about earlier and some lovely life happenings. Stress can definitely make you feel crappy all around. I make a habit of releasing it all as much as possible because if I hold on to it…well let’s just say it wouldn’t be pleasant. Emotional Constipation is much like regular constipation. If you don’t poop, your body will have something to say to you about it.

So my solution…

  • Breathe deeply
  • Turn on my favorite Pandora station
  • Sip my Chai Tea
  • Pray
  • Write it out (a big form of release for me)
  • Get my kids to complete their daily chores (a clean house makes me so happy)
  • Get organized with all that I need to accomplish this week (make my list and check it off)
  • SMILE, over and over again
  • Make some Healing Garlic Broth
  • SING LOUDLY and maybe even dance a little, while sitting in my chair (I don’t feel That good yet)

Ah, I really feel better already! It’s amazing how a change of mindset, a little breathing, and some worship music can make a world of difference. I’m not 100%, but I most definitely am on the right road! Taking care of me is not always on the top of the list. That’s kind of the way it goes when you are a mom and wife trying to serve your family, but hey…

You can’t give your family your best

if You are not your best,

so you gotta rest

and de-stress

and you will be extra blessed

with strength, health, and well–ness. 

I just made that up right now, but it still rings true! So enjoy your day today! If you feel like Crap — Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually, or Mentally….Try some of my solutions and see what a world of difference you will begin to experience.


Loves – Hugs – Smiles – Laughter



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