June 6th, 2012

I Think My Brain Is Getting Bigger!

I have been cramming my already full brain with a wealth of information that is indeed Life Changing! I haven’t always been able to report such a great experience from my researching journey’s though. Have you ever seen that movie, “What About Bob”? (basically he has a bunch of mental obstacles in his life and he tends to obsess and self-diagnose and think he had every disease or issue) Well my deepest, darkest secret is that I too have been guilty of being a “Bob”.


I said it!

I cleared the air!

I am so thankful for technological advances like The Internet, Smart Phones, iPads and Tabs, and of course the ever so genius GOOGLE search engine. I hardly remember a time where Encyclopedia Britanica was the most sought after collection. I mean if you weren’t adding to your library Volumes of these Must Have Books, you were really just Too UN-Cool For School! (I apparently wasn’t very cool…). From Library Card Stocks, to Files and Shelving…there was no One-Click and find 70,000 pages of information from one word typed into a search engine. Not to discredit other search engines like Yahoo or MSN or the tons of other search engines, but Google has definitely coined the term, “Just Google It”…(or did I coin that and smoothly and on accident incorporate Nike….woah! Too many labels!)

I mean is there really any other way of life (without “Just Googling It)? No, I don’t think so! LOL!

Still, it can be your best friend or worst enemy and when you are vulnerable and being a “Bob”, you can easily begin to stress about all your self-diagnosis. If you enjoy learning new things and researching like me, it’s a bit too easy to become engulfed and entrapped by the knowledge available.

Get Out Now! It’s Not Too Late!

I also seem to be easily distracted…

What was I even originally talking about? Ooops! Bring it in Christina! 

Well, I guess I just wanted to share my excitement with you. I have already begun writing up some posts about what I am learning, but as with anything good, it takes time. Not too much time, but my life this week has been pretty busy already. It doesn’t help that I have failed to create the structure I was talking about in a previous post. I really need to work on that.

Oh yeah, I remember what I was telling you…

For the first time in my life (okay not the first, but you get my drift) I am not operating as a “Bob” while I research. I am more enthralled with the things I am discovering that are going to help shape my life for the better, as well as my family’s lives. I am connecting some dots from issues in my childhood to challenges faced in my adulthood with regards to digestive health, dental health, and living free. I am happy to share with you what is so incredibly enlightening me in hopes that your life will in turn be enriched too.

Life presents so many twists, turns, challenges, obstacles, and bumps, some of which are hard to recover from. I love and hate the old saying that goes, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Sure I feel “stronger” after overcoming some of these things, but during the process I  felt like I was dying.

Together I know we can LIVE FREER, HAPPIER, and FULFILLING LIVES! 

As I so often Love to say…

Sharing is Caring

…and I care!


Until the Next Time!


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