May 29th, 2012

Summer, Summer,



Today OFFICIALLY marks Summer Break! I am hit with the realization that my work habits are going to need some tending to as I will not be on the same schedule I’ve been on during the school months. I am really excited for this break and for all the projects I would like to complete with my kiddies and in the kitchen. Realistically, I will probably not accomplish ALL that is rolling around in my head so I am setting some Summer Goals.


Summer Goals can help turn a Summer of hearing “I’m Bored” and ending up at the end of July NOT having accomplished the things you really wanted to, into a list of Check Marked Items and Happy Smiles. Now, don’t think for a minute that any list will instantly cure the dreaded “I’m Bored Syndrome”, but it will definitely lessen their occurrences. The First Week of Summer Break always consists of a BREAK! I let the kids have free play with Video Games and Fun, lessor amounts of structure, and staying up super late. I figure after a whole school year of hard work they too deserve a Break! As the week progresses I slowly bring in bits of structure, Non-Electronic Time, Outside Time, Learning Time (in fun ways of course), and living in Arizona, LOTS OF POOL TIME!!! The one hard thing about living in AZ is how hot the summers get. You don’t much want to be outside without water being involved in some way. This makes going outside lose out to electronics every time!


I am not much of a morning person so waking up early to play outside is a bit of a challenge for me. I told you though…I am making a LIST!


Summer Goals:

  • Bake 1 New Allergen Friendly Recipe Every Week (including Homemade DF Ice Cream)
  • Get Up Early and Go Outside with the Kids One Day a week (not including Pool Time)
  • Take 2 Days in the Summer to Pre-Cook and Freeze some Meals
  • Slowly building up a New School Uniform Wardrobe for the Fall
  • Blog Something EVERYDAY
  • Complete at Least 3 DIY Tutorials
  • Implement a Daily Writing Plan for the Kids before Activities begin (great morning starter before playing)
  • Create an “I’m Bored Jar”
  • Take the Boat out to the Lake and Camp Overnight at least 1x
  • Try and Get to the Beach in San Diego before school starts in the Fall

This is my List thus far. I’m sure I’ll want to add to it, but for now I am pretty certain I can complete this. It’s important to set goals you can actually accomplish. This helps keep failure from occurring. I do not particularly like failing, so making a Realistic Goal List helps prevent the chances of it happening, as Slim to None!


What Goals, Activities, or Plans do you have for Summer Break, with your kids or for yourself?


The Biggest Plan for Our Summer is our Church’s Annual Extreme Family Camp in Prescott, Arizona. We all look forward to a week full of Fun and Fellowship. You get to know people in a much more personal way and have relationship building opportunities, when you are outside of the daily mantra of life, away in the woods, and just enjoying life. I look forward to this all year long! Away from the hustle and bustle and into the quiet. We have activities planned all throughout every day from games like Capture the Flag and Dodgeball, to Nature Hikes with the Kiddies and our Infamous Last Day Water Fight and so much more. Plus, we have Worship Services every evening. It’s an amazing experience of getting away from all of life’s distractions and just being up in the mountains with God. We always come back Refreshed, Renewed, Filled, and Changed Radically from the Inside Out. From the Little Ones to the Older and more Matured, Camp is the Highlight of the Year!

I Can’t Wait!!!


Whelp, that’s all for now.

Talk To Ya Soon!




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