May 15th, 2012


U G H . . .

Now don’t go thinking this is going to be a horrible, rant-like post because I started with Ugh! I mean in all honesty, Ugh could mean a variety of things…right?! Lol!

Oh, who am I kidding?

I’m having an UGH moment. My brain has been in a fog for the past 2 days. I don’t know if it’s allergies, fighting sickness, or a serious need for sleep. All I know is I can’t remain this way for long. I’m not accomplishing things at all! Grrr and Ugh! I have been trying to write My Mother’s Day Dinner Recipes for 2 days and I am running into the craziest of problems. Disappearing text, inability to focus, this darn FOG! I feel completely justified that this warrants an UGH! Is anyone with me? Anyone? Lol!


On another lighter, non-ugh-like manner, I started using Coconut Milk in my Chai Tea and it’s divine! I found a recipe to make a whipped cream with Full Fat Canned Coconut Milk. You place it in the fridge overnight and then the thickness of the coconut meat begins to separate from the coconut water (It looks like a thick cream and you can see how easily it could become a whipped cream). I was going to whip it up, but never got an opportunity so I just poured it into a container with a lid, shook it up a bit, and used it like I would use coffee cream. It was PERFECT and Dairy Free! Now, I am going to buy these cans and throw out the Dairy Half n’ Half. I stopped using the Fake, Hydrogenated Oil Creamers a long time ago. This is a perfect, easy, and simple way to enjoy a cup of Chai or Coffee or whatever else you put cream in. YAY!

*It should keep in the fridge for a week or two, just keep shaking it up before you pour it…OR go ahead and whip it up for a delicious Dairy Free Whipped Cream. Add in some vanilla, some natural sweetener, and VOILA! 



Have a superb day FRIENDS!




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