May 1st, 2012


I am just so inspired by the Goodness and Greatness of God right now. I’m sitting in my Out-Of-The-Home Office (Starbucks) and I’m completely overwhelmed by the presence of God in this place. I’m listening to my Favorite Pandora Stations and feeling On Top Of The World. I, by no means and in no way have it All Together, but I am willing to TRY and Try My Hardest! I’m giving it my all! What is “IT” you ask? Why Everything of course! My Whole Life, My Work, My Creativity, My Passions, My Inspirations, My Ideas…ALL OF IT! I can’t possible succeed in any of these things without His help and guidance.

 Can I be honest for a minute?

I never thought I would find myself in this place and in this way. I have always been a Bold person, underneath all the insecurity and self-doubt that is. It’s the need to “Fit In” or “Belong” or “Be Accepted” that causes the Bold Me to sometimes take a Backseat. I constantly doubt my self. Are MY ideas Good Enough to be accepted? Are MY creative inspirations worthy of anyone else’s attention aside from my own? Are MY Tasty Treats, Savory Dishes, and Allergen Free Recipes desirable and to other people? I know I’m not alone and these are only a few examples of some of the flooding thoughts invading my mind.

Here I am, a Believer, completely relying on God to guide me on this journey of sharing my Passions with the world. Everything in me wants to hide and run because I don’t want to be rejected. Can I be bold about my faith and still be accepted and successful in this Fast Paced World of Bloggers and Business Owners? Can I share my heart and write out my thoughts for you to see?

I am combining all the elements of my life and passions into this one place…


How do I know if you will accept me? How do I know you will want to read these things I write? Will you be inspired by my stories and experiences shared? Will you come back and read more? I want to share with YOU all that I am. I know deep within myself that I have something to offer. I know that somebody needs to read what I have written.


 Maybe it’s an inspiration, found hiding under a scary and uncomfortable experience…


 Maybe it’s a recipe I created that brought a little food happiness to my sensitive belly and now can bring you some happiness too…


 Maybe it’s a tidbit of information I collected that shed light on an area that you were wondering about…


 Maybe it’s a DIY tutorial I finally had the guts to share…


I get inspired by so many other people, especially in this world of Blogging Divas. People like YOU everywhere have shared a little something of yourselves and it has inspired me to pursue my own creative passions. DIY Dresses made from T-Shirts, DIY Makeup and Household Products, GF recipes that free me to enjoy something I have missed for a long time, sayings that make me laugh, stories that make me cry…The world is full of  GREAT PEOPLE!! People just like You. I don’t want to Fit In, to be just like anyone…I want to Fit In, and feel like my role made a difference, even if to only one person. To me THAT means Success. I want to know that the things I feel God leading me to pursue, the things He put inside me when He created me, will impact someone and stir up something wonderful within them so they can turn around and impact someone else. I guess you could call it “Paying It Forward”

Ever since I was a little girl in Pre-School and Kindergarten and the teachers would ask that famous question:

“What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?”

My answer has remained the same to this day:

I Want To Help People!


I thought I could be a Doctor, a Nurse, a Hairstylist, a Psychologist, a Counselor…the professions may have changed as years and experience influenced who I was becoming. I mostly just wanted to help people in some way. The happiness of People, brings me happiness!


So here I am, on this new journey, vulnerable and exposed. I am trusting God to help me push past the doubts and fears that could easily hinder me from moving forward. Where ever I end up, as long as it’s where God leads, is what my heart desires most. I don’t need fame or fortune, although having money helps to live in this world! Lol! I just want to make a difference, even if it’s from behind the scenes. Maybe all you need is someone to stand WITH you for something you are facing, a prayer, a hand, an encouraging word, or some GF Sandwich Bread you can now make yourself and enjoy at home. Maybe you just need that final push of Passion Stirring to help you pursue your own dreams. I hope that you can find something here. However, Whenever, and Wherever we cross paths, I hope it’s fruitful!


Enjoy Your Day!


Loves and Hugs to ALL of You!


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