April 15th, 2012

I’m in over my head!!!


Do you ever just feel like the world around you is coming caving down….






 N C

 H E

 ! !



 W A T C H O U T ! ! !

Haha…ok, the world is not really caving in! There are no avalanches really falling down on me or anyone else around me. It’s all in my head! I get stuck in there sometimes and I find that if I just let out a good Y E L L or S H O U T – maybe even DANCE a little, that I’m all good after that!

Remember to WALK AWAY! Ha!

Seriously, when everything I am doing becomes increasingly overwhelming I just gotta Walk Away and do something else. Once I return, I am refreshed and ready to give it my all again. I was told once by a very smart teenager, that whenever you feel sad or crazy, just Do the Robot. I admit, I laughed and kind of smirked at the thought, but one day I was feeling particularly bogged down and I thought about what she said. I immediately perked up and so now, I try my best to repeat this method as needed. I also tell other people to do the same…I have even reminded this fabulous gal to do what she so awesomely showed me how to do and it made her laugh!


All We Need Are L A U G H S


Now I’m singing a Beetle’s tune (slightly changed):

“All we need are [L A U G H S]

 All we need are [L A U G H S]

 All we need are [Laughs, LAUGHS, LaUgHs, lauGhs]

 [L A U G H S] are all we need”

Have YOU Laughed Today???

Well you must!

Laughing is ‘Good For The Soul’, better than Chicken Noodle Soup in fact! As I juggled working and baking on this lovely Saturday, I decided I desperately needed a break. Not just ANY break though! I went into my room and started to strum on my guitar. I played a song I have been working on and then that turned into strumming other tunes beginning to flood my mind. Before I knew it, I was laying down on my back strumming and jamming all crazy and weird and laughing hysterically on the inside (my eyes were closed too). I just felt much lighter and freer and ready to gather myself and face it all again. Some days, when No One is around, I will blast my favorite Pandora station and Dance around my house like a wild maniac! It just FEELS SO GOOD! Other, more somber times, I just need a good CRY and so if I have space alone, I will do just that…CRY! I need to experience a  R E L E A S E  of sorts, in some way.

(whispering this: kind of like when you take a really good poop…)

THERE! I said IT!

P O O P ! ! !

I mean come on, don’t be afraid of it! We ALL do it! And if you don’t you may need to see a Doctor or eat some prunes or drink some Senna tea because not pooping is quite unhealthy! LOL!

Is that a little wrinkle of a smile in the corner of your mouth?

You wanna laugh don’t you?



I just thought while I was thinking this, I should write it. You know, get completely honest, out of my own head, a little crazy! If I’m gonna feel crazy I want to control it! LOL!

So today as we Release, Laugh, Dance, Sing, Cry, and Poop…


Seize the Day…



L O V E!




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