March 15th, 2012

In the last couple of years my life (and diet) have dramatically changed (and quite frankly are still changing). The best part for me though is the transition my family has since made with me. The order in my house is one where Dad is Dad, Mom is Mom, and Kids are Kids. What does that mean you say? Well, it simply means that I am Mom. That is my title here. I may work on business, I may serve full time in my church, I may enjoy a night of hanging and chatting with my gals over a cup of chai or coffee, or refresh with a much needed Date-Night with my Hubby. My #1 title however remains to be MOM. My kids see me Most as Mom, because regardless of all the many things I do, I am their Mom. I have a certain pull about me…Do what Mom says, or else! Haha! Oh, I am fun and I am slightly crazy too! I do homework, cook meals, wipe tears, bandage up ouchies, rub backs at night, say bedtime prayers, read stories (although they all mostly read on their own now), clean messes (all the time…non-stop…forever and always having to clean….LOL!), teach them the lessons of folding laundry, cleaning rooms, washing dishes, and being Men and a Little Lady. I will forever cherish (and sometimes, when it comes to the never ending laundry pile, cry a little during) these times with my kids.

You push them to move into the next phase of life while also wishing they would remain cute and small just a little longer. BUT…DADDY is still the Man of the house. He is the end all (even with persuasion from me). Mom’s words are pretty solid, but Dad’s words are like Rock. When Dad says Move….well you better just move! Nothing wrong with that! The Dad should be this way. He is the man of the house. He answers to God for all of us, a job I’m glad he has and not me.


What is the point here?…sorry getting back on track…


I had been trying to get my family “healthier” since…well always! I have long been the advocate in the family for eating healthy, eating organic, eating more wholesome. It’s really hard to make those big changes though, when Daddy isn’t on board. Now, I can wrap my hubby around my finger, but again, like I said before, He is Dad! When I became the “Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)”, I got more pull in the house (decor, food, cleaning habits, etc.) It was a Huge transition for me at the time, still quite young and used to the equal share of things. I experienced all the natural feelings of being under-appreciated for all I did. We were no longer equals. I was just the lowly SAHM, not the bread-winner. I struggled and went through many ups and downs and all-arounds before settling into my role as more than just a SAHM. It was about ME Valuing ME! It was about ME Finding ME! (That is a whole other story though!) Back to Dad…I really need to stay on track here! LOL!


Eating Healthier was my goal. We went from a fridge full of soda, juice, buckets of cookie dough, chocolate, processed foods, and junk, junk, junk to Lots of Water, and healthier choice foods. I began cooking more often than eating out and as our family grew this became the more budget-friendly option. My oldest son struggled with ADD like symptoms with the inability to focus in school and remained in this “falling behind all the time” lifestyle. We shed many tears over homework that took hours to complete among other things which all led me to begin researching alternative options. (Under no circumstance were we looking to medicate him, although I am not condemning those who choose that route, it just wasn’t a right option for us). The thing is, of all the drastic FOOD CHANGES I made, it wasn’t until last year (2011) when my husband made a huge food mind-set change, that REAL change actually occurred. I’d like to think it was a slow process of my persuasive abilities finally paying off – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! – that led to this change, but what emerged was ELIMINATION (I had to say it bold because it’s that BIG) of Processed Foods, Certain Meats including Pork, Nitrates/Nitrites, GMO’s, anything Refined, etc. A radical change coming from a burrito eating, wings lovin’, burger chompin’, fried foods and junk foods havin’ guy like my hubby (keeping in mind he is allergic to fruits and veggies – makes his throat itch and swell). The epitome of the All-American, eating un-healthy food, kind of guy. Now, even in our times of over-weight (according to us), we still have looked pretty darn good for our young age, and now we can and will look better, not only better but radiantly glowing with health, haha!. It’s a BIG DEAL to take out these types of foods from your household especially when that means you now have to make most everything from scratch. I had already started this way of eating though, after becoming Allergic to many foods. I am just happy that my family now joins in with me.


Yes, we still “cheat” and order a pizza (well, they do) every so often, but for the most part if you look in our cabinets and refrigerator it’s pretty healthy. I hate that “healthy” can seem so “Un-Fun” to so many. We still eat cake, cookies, or fun meals just made with better ingredients (ones WE put in and know what they are). It’s not about what you CAN’T Eat, rather what you CAN. There is a world still unexplored by us full of delicious fruits, veggies, grains, and recipes we are coming to know and it keeps it exciting. It’s easy to become routine with food, so when we find that happening that means it’s time to try something new. We are No RAW Vegans, but we are definitely living free!


Learning to Love Food and have it Love You Back!


It’s really only when my Hubby got the Food-Revelation that our Food-Life as a family needed to change, that it actually DID Radically Change. Order is important. It’s something we have skewed away from in our society. We have become a rebellious-to-order kind of people, left confused and un-satisfied. I may still be the one helping to keep us all on track, after all I am still MOM, but Dad is Dad too, and it helps my kids live a much richer life seeing us both exemplify this beautiful order. Family dynamic is not what it used to be, and there are plenty of single Moms and Dads out there who have to exemplify order alone…Kudos to You because that is not an easy job! Just wanted to share how creating structure and order within your family dynamic, whatever that may be, really helps to create the kind of change that actually produces Real Change!


I hope this inspired you in some way. We all have a story to share…this is one of many of mine! Thanks for reading if you stuck in there with me! :)

Until the next story…



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