March 9th, 2012

Let me tell you….Getting sick, in any capacity is never fun. Even more than that, who has the time to be sick? Lol! When work and life are calling you and all you can do is lay in bed, feeling slightly guilty that you cannot attend to all you had hoped to, I’d say we have a problem!

Ah ha….bet you thought I meant the problem is being sick and unable to work! Oh NO! The problem is YOU (well, me actually)! See, you’re body tries to warn you, to tell you to take a break and slow it down, but do you listen? Nope! 1. You keep on doing what needs to be done right? 2. If You don’t do it, Who will? The thing about having your own business and being a parent is that your job doesn’t really ever end. Being a Parent is a 24/7, for the rest of your life kind of job. There is no 8am-5pm parent schedule…hehe! The kids, my kids, are always hungry, there is homework, cleaning, bedtime routines, science projects, you name it. I LOVEbeing a Mom! It presents its own beautiful challenges, but I would not ever trade it! Working your own business can be just as beautiful and challenging as well and I have enjoyed the many benefits of being a business owner for a number of years. I helped my husband start his own Computer Business in 2004. It was a BIG change for our family of 4 at the time. I was newly a Stay at Home Mom and the thought of taking the leap into this new entrepreneurial world was a bit scary, but the freedom to work the hours as they fit into our life was well worth it.

“To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…”

…and there are also pros and cons, sacrifices and privileges…lol! 

Time is something that can be a shackle of bondage in your life OR the freedom we all seek to walk in. If you obsess about trying to make time work for you than you will find you never have enough of it – bondage. Yet, when you take the time to look at time and work with it and within it, then you will experience – freedom.

Time Management – looking at the hours in a day and weighing out the tasks at hand and what’s priority is key in creating a schedule that truly makes sense for your life. BIG LESSON: You cannot accomplish Everything brewing in that head of yours in one day. You can however accomplish a great deal with the right schedule and the right motivation. 

The order I live by in my life and strive to maintain is:

1. God

2. Me

3. Family

4. Friends

5. Work

6. Ministry

This has not been the easiest to follow, but when I do I find my life much more full of Joy and Happiness. It is easy for me to put my family’s needs, my work needs, and my church needs above myself, yet I end up suffering in the end. It’s not about being SELF-ish or SELF-less, it’s about taking care of me (my health – mentally/emotionally/physically/spiritually), so I can take care of everything and everyone else. If I am Not 100% and I’m trying to give everyone else 100%…yeah, that math just doesn’t add up.

When I get into “work-mode”, I become a non-stop machine. I don’t get enough rest, constantly trying to fit everything in to my days, compromising my diet and neglecting to make healthy and smart choices (this could be as simple as realizing I haven’t had water all day… Dehyrdation = Not Good). My body begins a Protest against me and in the end…I am a Losing MESS!!! You know what you do when you are a Mess?

Y O U   J U S T   T A K E   A   D A Y !

Haha! Yep, its what your body had been telling you all along and you failed to listen! I see my days from a skewed perspective when I’m on “GO-Mode” – I think I’m taking bits of rest, but looking back I was caught up in the flow of getting things done and the hours just flew by. It’s difficult to Slow Down when you have a list of tasks and you just want to stamp DONE on them, but when your frustrations begin to kick in, you will find yourself neglecting, well yourself. When you neglect yourself, you perform at a lower volume, your family then gets less of you, your work takes more of your effort with less to give to it, and your body WILL shut down on you. This seems to be a lesson I haven’t quite gotten because I keep finding myself here more often than I’s care to admit. I do great for awhile, but then I neglect to follow and maintain My Order.

I hope that sharing my experience will encourage you to really listen to your body…and I’m not talking about your “cravings”…LOL! Your body is smart and it knows what to do.

So LISTEN….and Just Take A Day!!!

Until the next time….



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