February 26th, 2012

Do you ever feel like Life is Stuck in STOP and GO Mode?


This reminds me of that saying that goes something like…”you take 1 step forward and 2 steps back…”

I have often likened life to rowing a boat…you row backwards to move forwards. Life can feel just like that sometimes, backwards and forwards, and it can be really frustrating. You don’t know whether you are coming or going, succeeding or failing, climbing or falling…

The one answer I can give during these times is. . .  S  L  O  W    D  O  W  N  !  !  !    

I am quickly learning this very important Life Lesson (this is not the first time it has come up…hehe). We must “Slow Our Go” or we will GO right into a ditch! The key here is realizing our lack of control. Face it…We Are NOT In Control as much as we would like to think. Life is going to happen whether we give it permission to or not. The Sun will Shine when it pleases, the Rain will Pour when the earth is thirsty, the Wind will Blow when its time for things to move, and the Stillness of the Night will Lull us to Sleep (yes even if you are an insomniac). Our job is not to try and Control the happenings, but to Go with the Flow whether its Fast or Slow! 

Haha…I just laughed out loud as a thought popped into my mind…a reminder of a previous thought actually:

“Swimming in the Flow of Someone Else’s Current..” 

In my life I do a lot of serving. I serve my family, I serve my Church, I’m serving YOU right now as I type this (LOL!). Everything in my life is Not MY WAY, but it’s THE Way it needs to be to get the task at hand accomplished successfully. I am All For TEAM WORK! I think that the combined effort can produce some of the most amazing things. We each bring something to this Table of Life…I offer up my creativity, my passions unfolded, my heart, my encouragements, my craziness that births craziness that creates awesomeness (most of the time).


I strive to move forward in Life. Whether I am GOing or STOPing or simply SLOWing Down, I am aiming towards one direction..UP, UP, and AWAY!




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