February 16th, 2012

As with any new venture, finding balance is quite important if you at all desire your sanity! It can be pretty overwhelming to dive right into a project with all the pieces laid out in front of you. It’s similar to putting together a 5,000 piece puzzle. From afar all the pieces look the same. They all seem to fit, but they don’t really fit. It is near impossible to envision the finished product without looking at the picture on the box. The task immediately seems to grow much larger than you and the thought of “giving up” is making it’s way up the ladder to meet you.

This is when you step inside this swirling rain cloud of emotions and with your giant megaphone shout out,


When things begin to get overwhelming, it’s time to:

Regather, Regroup, and Revise a New Plan

You must readjust what it is you are carrying and how you are carrying it. Sometimes you have to put some things down or you may just have to figure out a new and clever way to hold everything.

In the end, you must learn to take everything 1 Step At A Time!

It’s time to ask yourself some questions…

  1. Why am I feeling overwhelmed?
  2. What all am I carrying?
  3. What do I need to do in Step 1?
  4. Am I carrying more than Step 1 calls for?
  5. What do I need to carry Now and what can wait?

Re-prioritizing your life helps to bring Balance. Without balance we would just fall.

I encourage you, if you just began a new project OR you are knee and elbow deep in one, take a moment to see what Step you are in and Regather, Regroup, and Revise a New Plan or Method for accomplishing only THAT Step before moving on to the next one.




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