February 9th, 2012

Talk about living out dreams…

I’m so excited to move forward with some of this bottled up creativity, giving it the space it needs to let loose and go wild…Lol! Makes the phrase “letting your hair down” really come alive. I’m not sure of how it will all come out looking, but when you dive head first into a passion, you have to release your  inhibitions and not be afraid to get your feet and even your ankles a little wet.


It’s far too easy to allow Fear to Freeze you, holding you back from taking the next step. Fear immobilizes us, causes us to see through a fog. We begin to doubt everything about ourselves and our abilities. Creativity is just awaiting its chance to burst out of the seams of our passions and blossom into something extraordinary, but if we center our focus around the possibility of Failure vs. Success than we have already lost this battle.


Failure is inevitable. If I have learned anything in my life its that failures must occur and will occur in the lives of great people. What makes you a great people? Pushing past those failures and allowing True Success to Rise! Success is bred within the fibers of failure. With every attempt to achieve success, you learn about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your character, your determination, your drive. It’s not always as simple as either you “got it” or you don’t! Oftentimes if we simply CHOOSE to keep going, to get back up when we fall, and to live according to “I CAN” instead of “I Can’t”, than SUCCESS itself will emerge dominant and victorious!


Admittedly, I am a tad scared. I don’t want to fail or be rejected. I want to be accepted and appreciated. Who doesn’t right? I am not a “perfect” person, but I am passionate. Perfection merely gets the job done in an orderly fashion, with everything just so. Ah, but Passion drives you to achieve things far beyond what you thought it could be. Find your Passion…Find your Purpose! To live with a Purpose is to stamp a Success Seal on your life. Could anyone use a little (or a lot) of Success and Umph in their lives? I sure can, with arms wide open. I’m really so thrilled that God opened my eyes to this way of seeing, opened my mind to this way of thinking, opened my heart to this way of receiving. There is much more to Life than what you see in front of you now!


I encourage you…Step some toes out onto the water and don’t be afraid to get wet. If you get wet, just go swimming! LOL!




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