I just LOVE the mornings when I wake up happy and refreshed.

You know, the mornings where your body feels fully rested. The kind of waking up where you don’t actually have to drag your zombie self to the coffee machine to be a person….


Those are rare days, but I tell you, they DO exist. I am living proof. I just had that day today! I even amazed myself because I didn’t have coffee for 2 hours after waking up. I know!!!!!!!!! CRAZY! I usually start my cup before my morning pee…it’s THAT serious! I need that cup of hot, sweet love to start my day. I’m sorry, sometimes (most times) I just can’t “person” without it!

Can I get a Coffee Lover’s AMEN! 


Anyways, I’m feeling so great and about to start a busy day with my younger two kiddos. The last few months of the school year are always the busiest, but especially with their drama club and show choir competition. It’s been such an exciting journey for them. Camron is 13 and Jaeana is 10 and being involved in these extra curricular clubs have allowed them to blossom and really find their confidence. I LOVE IT! All their teachers have been so impressed with their gifts and abilities and the shyness breaking away so their personality and potential shine through in such a bright way. It’s moments like these where you feel like a proud parent.

Awww…they are finding themselves.

We journey through life searching for who we are, finding how we fit in this life, discovering our purpose. I have never found that to be a one time, find yourself and that’s it kind of experience along my journey. I find that its a process of peeling back layers and discovering more of yourself as you are always changing and growing and learning. Life changes you, years change you, experiences change you, parenting, spousing, working, learning, living, being…With each step, with each season, another layer is discovered. It’s messy, it’s beautiful, it’s LIFE.

So today, as you adventure through this marvelous day, drinking your coffee, living your life, thinking your thoughts, dreaming your dreams…




And Enjoy the Journey.

There’s always something more to discover along the way and if it’s not good now, it will be!

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