Some days, when a craving for sweets hits, I just want to grab something from the fridge or cupboard and indulge! Alas, unless I have something pre-made stashed away I don’t often have that luxury. Having food allergies has made indulging on cravings a bit more…well, challenging! BUT…Not Impossible! There are a few “semi-homemade” options that are perfect for these random sweets cravings that creep in and are completely Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, and even Chocolate Free.


Ginger Snap Ice Cream “Sammies” –


What You Need:

*1 Container – SO Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream – Vanilla Bean
*1 Bag –Pamelas Simplebites Ginger Mini Snapz


  1. Take 2 Ginger Snapz Cookies
  2. Spoon onto one cookie a spoonful of Coconut Milk Ice Cream (make sure ice cream is still firm)
  3. Mold Ice Cream into a mound
  4. Place second cookie on top and apply pressure to squish ice cream down
  5. Take your finger and slide around ring of the 2 cookies until smooth
  6. Voila…Ginger Snap Sammies!

This is a fast, delicious way to enjoy a sweet treat without baking a batch of cookies (that I would most likely end up eating by myself)! The cookies are slightly crunchy, but still have a little chewiness in them, plus the ice cream is smooth and creamy. Random Sweets Cravings CONQUERED!



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