Take a Stand

We all want to sit back in the comfort and security of our own home thinking our thoughts, having our opinions, making our judgements but remaining silent. Only when someone intervenes on our world do we consider speaking out. When someone criticizes or questions our way of living, whether us or they are right or wrong. When we get defensive for ourselves or a loved one and feel compelled to make known our offense out loud.

Sadly, the things that stir us to speak out aren’t always the things that actually matter. I am married to a man that likes to stir the pot and provoke people to thought. He loves a good debate and is able to separate his own opinions or beliefs from his opinions of others.
I on the other hand, while I love a good debate, don’t often like to get in the mix of it. I care too much of the opinions of others. I have many many thoughts and opinions I would like to share, but most of the time I keep quiet only venting them aloud to myself or to my hubby! It’s best to get those things out of my head so I don’t dwell on them! LOL! 
When I first saw my husbands “stirring social media post” I honestly cringed a little. Not because what he said was wrong, but because…OH GOSH! Now all these people are gonna get CRAY and then everyone will get upset and then they won’t like us anymore, things will be said, my life will be affected….I get trapped by my thought cycle LOL! I try to stop when I feel that way and take a deep breath and objective look at the whole thing. I stop and read and see what is being said, listen to the hearts of people who may or may not be eloquent with their words as they defend what they feel or rise up in defense or offense. I try to remove my own judgements for a moment to see the picture more clearly, unclouded by emotions. IT’S NOT EASY LET ME TELL YOU!!!!
BUT, it does make me wonder, or ponder…
It’s funny to me the things people choose to defend or argue, especially when the overall belief system is stemmed from the same thing (the Christian faith for example). What’s right, whats wrong, what should be defended, when should there be silence, when should there be debate and can any of this take place with truth and humility going first…
Everyone has an “opinion” of what truth is, but truth has nothing at all to do with opinion. Truth is truth. Its fact. It’s what IS regardless of emotion.
Emotion can guide us to truth, but does not help us swallow it! 
How then can one go about speaking or defending or debating opinions using truth when everyone has their own perception of what that truth actually is. The thing about truth is there are no blurred lines. Truth is truth. Opinion is opinions. Fact is fact. Knowledge is power…haha…you thought I was going to say knowledge didn’t you! LOL!
What’s even more sad is to have a bunch of people professing to have the same core belief system, but fighting and nitpicking over what their definition of truth is. TRUTH IS TRUTH! Our truth is written plain as day, but we want to interpret that truth to fit into our own ideals. Ideals are not truth. Truth is truth. Does that mean then, that there is no place for opinion? NO!!! We should absolutely have opinions about life, but it should be based on whatever truth we hold to and believe in.
This is not at all a high and mighty, I’m better than type post. It’s only my own thoughts and opinions floating around this crazy head of mine.
I’M provoked to thought! I’M questioning my own self with the mirror facing ME! Sure, I can be opinionated or judgmental (both righteously or unrighteously) about everything and anything, but I desire to be more Christ like in my approach. He tells us to “renew our minds” and “walk according to His Spirit” who is with us to help us act and look more like Him. We are after all made in His image, but we are being molded and shaped by both Him and the world we live in. Because of our own will and ability to “choose”, we decide, what we allow to influence us most. What we spend more time investing ourselves in is what we will ultimately look like. All that along with the experiences we each face in this life. Some experiences are hurtful and painful and we barricade our heart behind walls to protect ourselves from being hurt again. These are walls of offense and there are triggers that feel like “attacks” against our walls. When this happens, we are often compelled to speak out! I mean, if someone or something else is being questioned or criticized and it happens to “attack” our walls too, then it’s like the attack was meant for us! We align ourselves with it and will defend ourselves to the end, right or wrong! An attack is a negative thing against us and is wrong no matter what…RIGHT? The thing about “attacks” though…sometimes it’s not actually an attack. Sometimes its a correction or a provoke to the wall we built. Sometimes God allows things to be said or to happen that would shake the foundation our walls were built on..the unhealthy foundation that says we can protect ourselves better than anyone else can, including God.
Of course…I’m sure people aren’t thinking about THAT during social media debates! LOL! 
At the end of the day though, is God pleased with us? Not even are you pleased with yourself. You can totally feel accomplished and all good about your decisions and still be completely out of the will of God for your life. NOW THAT IS THOUGHT PROVOKING!!! We are called to stir each other up, which can mean ruffle someones feathers. If we are all professing to have the same core belief system then we are called to encourage and rebuke, to build up and correct, to keep each other accountable. That accountability does not always involve praise. Sometimes it involves conflict…OH HOW I HATE CONFLICT!!! If I could avoid it like the plague I would, but God keeps calling me to the middle of the plague. How long can I run from it? I can’t, not if I am following Him. I have to run straight into the fires, straight into the storms, straight into the apparent danger all while allowing HIM to be my protector and my strength and TRUST that His plan is right above all else!
Talk about CHALLENGING!!!
I came across this scripture in Philippians that says: “There’s far more to this life than trusting in Christ. There’s also suffering for him. And the suffering is as much a gift as the trusting.” It really made me think even though I’ve heard it before! Now this is the Message version and I’m all about my KJV, but I love how its worded here! To believe that our LOVING God would call us to suffer for Him…WHAT??? Again, already something I am quite familiar with, that we will suffer as Christ suffered (rejected, abandoned, misunderstood, taken for granted, wrongly accused in standing for truth, etc) BUT we will then reign as He reigns. This life is fleeting, it’s temporary and He promises us eternal life with Him to those who abandon all and follow Him. HE is the only way. HE is the only truth. HE is the only life! Apart from Him we are still bound by the consequence of our sinful nature on this earth which is death. With Him, we are called into a life of freedom from the bondage of that sin….but we must journey His journey to get what He got! It doesn’t always feel like it, but THAT life is far more fulfilling than any kind of life we can create for ourselves. You want a peace from deep within that from the outside doesn’t even seem possible to have? Do you want a love that the greatest story writer of all time couldn’t even create, one where a true happy ending that’s not yet been witnessed will occur?
I then must lay aside my fears and my opinions, my complete and utter discomfort to yield myself wholly to Him. Sometimes He will have me speak out even if that means I’ll be rejected and unpopular! Sometimes He will have me to be silent even if everything in me is screaming to speak! He didn’t ask you to pick and choose what you like on this journey and what you will do for Him. He asked you to be obedient regardless of the outcome (suffering) and trust Him to bring you to fulfillment of your purpose, His purpose for your life…an outcome that results in Him saying: “Well done thou good and faithful servant” and not “depart I never knew you”!!!!
…Thoughts From An Imperfect Girl Allowing God To Perfect Her!!!

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