Today my mind is full and my heart is beaming.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

There’s no particular reason I feel this way, just feeling it. Oftentimes, as I sit waiting for my kids to start school I reflect on the things of life, on people, relationships, circumstances I’ve faced or others have faced. I start feeling an overwhelming sense of compassion for God’s people as I watch parents and kids walk by me. What are they thinking? What are they dealing with and going through? What troubles have they faced or are they facing? Is there a silent struggle and plea for help? Do they know The Lord? It’s like my heart beacon turned on and I can sense the hearts of those around me.
Sometimes it’s painful and other times it causes me to reminisce and reflect like now.
Has your heart ever cried as you realized how quickly your children are growing up? Maybe not even your children, but family, friends, and other peoples children that you’ve had time to watch grow. Nothing makes you feel older that’s for sure, but sometimes it’s not the “older” part that gets to me, but the fact that I look at these children and how quickly they are becoming little people in this world. They are transitioning into teenagers or making the leap from teens to adulthood. Everyone is desperately trying to “find themselves” and understand their purpose and place in this big world. How scary it must seem. It was scary for me and I had t grow up very fast given my family started at 16. I rarely talk about my whole story anymore because life has gone on and it’s totally normal, well except when people realize I have three children and one is a Sophomore in High School this year. They look at me like, “how can YOU have a teenager?” All bewildered. I’m thankful for good genes and where that statement and surrounding comments use to frustrate me, now they give me a boost of…well something. I just have hope that maybe I won’t look like an old ugly hag anytime soon! Lol! Maybe that’s harsh, but it’s easy to feel old as your children grow and the next generations pop up under you and all technology is vastly different from when you were a kid and movie and song quotes are unknown to the youngins haha!
Ooh ok….rant over! Haha!
Anyways, just a few morning thoughts and rambles shared out loud!
All in all, God is really good and I’m so thankful for my life!!!

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