Well aren’t ya just glad to see me…



…..um, back to I again…

I am glad to see myself here!

I have been refocusing,


I have been reevaluating,


I have been looking at what I am doing and gaining the courage to keep going,



I have so many great things stirring inside, so many encouragements to share, so many funny things to inspire you and make you laugh, I even have my pal joining me on some of these adventures (so keep an eye out for some new things ahead…). I can’t wait!!!

Until then…

I just wanted to talk a little about how TODAY, I waited in line at my oldest son’s sch
o not be too big a pain, but of course they are just the right age for complaining. I mean, shoot, I was complaining just to myself. I was surrounded by a sea of people, most of which had no concept of “personal space” and I really just needed some water or some food and did I mention it was hot? Ugh! It took us 2 hours just to get his schedule which ended up being wrong (of course!). I was able to stay in the hideously long line while I sent my son to the guidance counselors office to sort it all out.ool (he is a Sophmore in HS this year)…anyways, I waited for almost 4 hours, standing in the heat most of the time (we live in AZ) and I forgot to eat anything! It was awful. I had all the kids with me too! Thankfully they are old enough t

Best. Idea. Ever.

Geez, thankfully (apparently I’m really thankful hehe) it didn’t take him longer than 30 minutes in which I had moved all of about 2-3 feet! Again, hideously long line!!! After waiting another hour or so, we finally reached the end, paid for his books, and jetted off to In-N-Out for some nourishment! Protein style double double and

half tea half lemonade! OH YES!!!!!


Food and Drink are really very important to staying sane, in case you weren’t aware. The longer you go, the grouchier you become, especially if you workout and have ravenous hunger spurts! LOL!

My day was a complete opposite from what I thought it was going to be. At first, I was going to go off to the school, wait a max of 1-2 hours and then off to a business meeting/playdate which involved pool time and a lazy river, and I was even hoping for some Gym time as well. None of these things happened. Early to rise and no breakfast resulted in a 4 hour in the heat school wait, delicious food, and then BOOOOOOM!

I got hit with a horrible bout of I FEEL LIKE CRAP! I’m pretty sure it was from dehydration, starvation, and heat exhaustion, but nonetheless it took all I had left to get me and my clan home and then plop onto my bed. I couldn’t move. I literally could not move. I just laid there looking pathetic like I had done something crazy exhausting and all I did was stand in line.

Well, lots of things happen when you stand in line. You start watching people, listening to their conversations, thinking about life, isn’t that what
When I stop focusing on my own issues (like hunger and thirst) then I start to see myself amidst a sea of broken people. I start to see them differently. Some of them are laughing and joking about nothing at all and maybe on the inside they are dying. Some of them just look so lost and confused and I can see a gaping hole where God’s love just needs to fill it. I see girls looking like boys, boys looking like girls, teenage couples, older moms trying to be younger hip moms (I really try hard to not fall in this category, its a real fear lol), I see lonely kids, popular kids, some kids who look crazy grown and they are only juniors or seniors this year, then there are seniors that look as young as 8th graders. There are so many people that surround us everywhere we are and we hardly ever stop and really SEE them. We SEE people all the time, but we don’t really SEE them! Hmmmmmmm…YOU do??? Or is it just me? LOL!

Stop and Smell the Roses? Same thing, but please don’t “smell” people just stick to “seeing” them. 

Ok, I think I’m about done getting out some of the randomness in my head. It’s been a very long day, but I can excitingly say, I AM DONE SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING, SCHOOL CLOTHING SHOPPING, AND DONE WAITING IN LINE AT SCHOOLS TO GET BOOKS! YAY!!!
Ok, I really should be going! And NO, not all my posts will be this spastic! (well, I can’t make any promises)First day of school for my now High School Sophmore is Monday, August 4th and for my now Sixth and Fourth Grader Littles, it’s Wednesday, August 6th. I can’t believe my kids are so grown so fast. I remember when my oldest was starting Kindergarten and now he only has a couple years left in High School. WAHAAHAHAHAHAT?????



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