I’m a quirky, silly, funny, emotional, full of passion, feisty, loving, compassionate, full of heart, and somewhat of a crazy goof kind of gal! The older I get, the more I love ME! I am quite fine being ME with all the things that make up, well, ME! Take it from someone who has struggled with self-confidence for most of my life…I like the person I am today and the person I am becoming and I just thought maybe you would want to see a little more about ME (in picture form of course). If you don’t like me, too bad, because THIS IS ME!!! And I LIKE IT! And although I can change many things, I can’t change ME! I am ME no matter what changes, I’m still gonna be ME! And you’re gonna be YOU, so…YEP!!!


Told ya I was a goof! LOL!


(I’ll have to keep this updated, but it’s a good start for now…)

MY LIFE WITH MY HUBBY…collage me and j


MY LIFE POOLSIDE… (and with food, because that’s good too!)collage pool side

MY FIT LIFE…collage healthy life MY LIFE WITH MY KIDS… (they grow way too fast!)collage kids and i

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