Let me tell you…

I have been on the most up and down and all around roller coaster of my life this summer (ok wait, I’m sure there have been other crazier rides in my life, but you catch my drift!). I don’t usually find myself feeling so frazzled and yet empowered at the same time.

 Sandy Wexler film trailer

 Sandy Wexler film trailer

Maybe it’s the increased quick vacations.

Maybe it’s that I will be the mom of a High School’er in just another 2 weeks.

Maybe it’s that I have had people living here off and on since…forever! LOL (no, probably not this)

Maybe it’s all the fresh ideas downloading into the creative folder of my mind.

Maybe, just maybe….

Or, it could be …

Ok, it’s probably ALL of that, PLUS this new Survey Life I have started for myself.

Surveys you say?


I have started taking free online surveys that then pay cash or rewards upon completion of each survey. It’s something I have heard about for years, but always felt that they were scams. I don’t really know what prompted me to try. I just found myself stumbling upon it and before I knew it, I am knee deep in emails, surveys, and free coupons. I have only been doing it for about a week and I already made a combined $40 + other points that turn into cash or rewards later.

As with anything new, I need to find my balance. Everything seems to lead to another opportunity where I have to sign up and enter my email address. I was at first keeping track, but it may have gotten a bit out of control. I have this thing about numbers…I don’t like knowing I have X amount of emails, notifications, or alerts piled up waiting for me. I feel compelled to eliminate them and when I wake up to 40-70 emails in the morning, I kind of become consumed in trying to eliminate it. This survey thing is a great, easy way to make some extra cash and there is potential to make BIG money doing them, however some of the ways just don’t fit or work for me right now. I am not sure how committed to this I want to be, but the more I do it, the more I grasp a handle on it and I learn which companies I like and which ones aren’t for me right now. I am unsubscribing from some and signing up for others. It has become the largest consumer of my time, but once I work out this system, I will find my flow and move a little easier through it.

 Sandy Wexler film trailer

So if I have been neglecting you,

my beloved audience…


Once I figure this all out a bit more I can even be helpful in showing YOU. It’s definitely a great way to earn easy money, free products, and get huge discounts doing the things most people already do.

 Sandy Wexler film trailer

For now…the struggle for a better balance has been my focus. It is so easy to become top heavy or full in one area and become neglectful with the rest. I don’t want to neglect anything, although I do realize that certain things may or may not take more focus than others. I haven’t forgotten my DAILY GOAL LIST  from the beginning of the summer — I have little words of encouragement, reminders, and focal points plastered up around my office desk and I try to make sure I am being wise with my time management. I’ll admit, lately I have been overwhelmed and not prioritizing like I should be, but I am taking back the reins now so that’s all that really matters!

 Sandy Wexler film trailer

In other less exciting news…

Hubby got his tooth pulled and a bone graft yesterday, so I have been taking care of him too. He is so tough and a little stubborn. He doesn’t like taking pain meds and I understand, but sometimes you have to put down your tough walls, just for a day and REST! He is a doer, so what do I wake up to at 545am this morning? Yep, –> HIM WORKING in the office. Haha! I appreciate who he is and admire all of his qualities, I just know my job in his life is to help take care of him and help remind him to take care of himself.

 Sandy Wexler film trailer

Ok, I think I am done rambling for today. If you stayed with me this long — THANKS!

If you have any questions about surveys…ask away! I will be as helpful as I can! 🙂

 Sandy Wexler film trailer


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