F O C U S . . .

. . . O h  F o c u s  w h e r e  a r e  y o u ? ? ?

Have you ever just had one of those days where you can’t seem to focus on the things you need to get done? Today has seriously been that kind of day. I just stared at my computer screen, trying to diligently work on these books I am writing, and all I could do was wander off in thought. I had the most brilliant idea to watch Hulu while working (oddly, the multitasking can help bring focus), but then I realized I was ONLY watching the shows and not getting anything else done. Aaaaaahhh!

So, I happen to be working on a few books (Geeeeez….Finally!!!) that I’m really excited about. It’s been hard to find the right motivation or inspiration to actually take the ideas and Get Started. The starting point always seems to be the most daunting. It’s probably because it’s like staring at an instruction manual and all your parts and although you see the labeled Steps, the task immediately becomes overwhelming and too large to approach. Once you actually begin though, eventually you find yourself half-way done. If I can just get to THAT place, I’d be really happy! For now, I am still in the very beginning stages, but I did lay a foundation of organization so I have direction as to where I am going. 

Vision is IMPORTANT, not just important, but IMPERATIVE!!!

One of the books, the bigger task of them all, is my “story”. I have this pretty interesting life story that goes beyond food allergies and healthy eating. (Another story, another time though!) The other books are actually food related. I am making some handy e-books with facts about foods, some “did you know” type topics, and helpful information about the benefits of different fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. I find it easier to have something to refer to that is all in one place rather than searching everywhere for it. I have a passion and desire to learn as much as I can and share with you so you can make great healthy choices and learn how food can benefit you more than just tasting good.

I’m no expert, that’s for sure, but I have passion and drive and that will get me pretty far. 

I still have yet to bring more organization to my website to help you navigate more easily. Again, I have to approach everything in steps, even if it kills me to put one thing on hold while I focus on something else. As much as I would like to fix it all and make everything better all at once, the reality is I will get overwhelmed and then accomplish nothing. My life is so full of many things so forcing myself to focus and keep to a time management schedule to the best of my ability is key.

Well ok, that’s my pouring out for today! I’m praying to find some more of that magical “focus” power for the remainder of this week so I can feel like I am actually accomplishing something and not still just talking about it.


Have a superb day!!!





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