I can hardly believe we are about to enter the year 2013.


I was just sharing with my Hubby today, that when I was young I could not have imagined actually living in this time. I mean, all the movies would talk about this crazy Robot Dominate Future of 2026 and now that doesn’t seem so far away, well at least the year part…LOL!


I’m looking back on this entire year, something we probably all do around this season, and I truly cannot believe how fast it has gone by. My kids are getting older, I’m getting older, my life is moving much more rapidly than I can keep up with. I’m in love with my life and all it’s imperfections. I’m thankful to be alive and well and be able to appreciate all the little things that create the big things that have come along on this journey.


Yet, despite all that I’m thankful for and how much I love this time of year, I can’t help but feel extremely different.


I just haven’t gotten into the Holiday Spirit like I normally do. I don’t know why, but this year, this season just feels different. I still enjoy it all, but I don’t know, it’s just not as important to me in the same way this time.


In the last couple of months I have tried to make time for the things and the people who are important to me. It’s too easy to be so busy doing all the right things and unintentionally neglect the very things you hold most dear. Being in Full-Time Ministry can be one of the most draining and yet most rewarding experiences in life. There is no limit to all that can be achieved, to the fulfilling feeling you receive, the impact that you can make in the lives of people, the revelations that can do more than just change your perspective, but change your life. THERE IS NO LIMIT WITH GOD. There is always something to be gained. “…His mercies are new every morning…”. There is an abundance of joy, satisfaction, peace, hope, beauty, love, grace, mercy, and so much more. The thing is though, we can be so BUSY that we miss out on receiving all of that. We can become so focus on what we are doing for God, for His kingdom, for the church, for the people, that we neglect our own families. It’s a sacrifice for our family to be in Full-Time Ministry, but  you can avoid making a sacrifice in some way or another. To be a Stay At Home Parent or a Working Parent, you make a sacrifice in our finances and in your time. Where you work, what hours you give, what food you buy, everything, every choice carries a sacrifice of something with it.


For my family, we sacrifice our time each week to pour into the lives of others. I would have it no other way, but we also have to make sure our kids know they are just as important as those we give our time to. Our kids will be richly blessed growing up so rooted in our church, but its equally as important to teach them and exemplify a life of BALANCE. Order is important and God is clearly a God of order. Ministry is hugely important, but family is ministry too. Raising kids to become all they were created to be is just as important as bringing Hope to the Hopeless. BALANCE.


So during this season, we have implemented some new things that we will strive to continue into 2013. We made a special day each week with the kids. We may have Frozen Yogurt together at those cool self-serve places, we may enjoy some Hummus and Pita/Cucumbers at Pita Jungle, a pizza chow down, a movie, just something where it’s just us and them. Then we are making it a point to find cool things to do that often times are Free. Our favorite Radio Station, Air1 had an event (Club Awesome with Brant Hansen and 3 bands) we went to and got to see a cool concert for Free. A local church hosts a Huge Christmas Production every year that we had never been to, also Free and we enjoyed it tremendously. There are all kinds of concerts and events taking place all over the city, many of which are free and we are finding them and going. Busy schedule, so what. We have to MAKE TIME for what really matters.

I’m really so thankful to be able to enjoy every day with my family and friends. We are so blessed and yet its still easy to gripe about the challenging times we face, making THAT our focus instead. I may not have that same desire to go all out on Christmas Decorations for my house, or even to bake up all those goodies I normally do, but I’m thrilled to have my family with me, to have my health and not be in some hospital bed fighting for my life, to laugh over the weirdest things, the funniest songs, and reflect on all of it. There is always SOMETHING positive that can be found in the negative things we face.


Whatever your life looks like, what are YOU thankful for?


The best gifts don’t come wrapped under the tree. The BEST gift was and still is Jesus Christ. With Him we have an eternal Hope exudes Light, Life, Peace, Joy, Happiness. He is the true meaning of this time of year. He is the true meaning of every time of year. Because of Him, we can share that same Hope together. Because of Him, we can have a Hope that is truly everlasting.

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