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Good Anytime-You-Are-Reading-This!

I’m all about making goals and working towards them until they have been accomplished. Sadly though, I don’t always make the goals and instead make a big pile of Nothing! You see, I get in my own way just about all of the time. I stop myself from moving forward because I start doubting my ability and my worth.


People! This is NO way to live!


It’s a struggle that sometimes I conquer victoriously and other times I bomb and go hide myself under a rock (well really in series of Hulu watching). I get all gung-ho about some great ideas I could do and then something happens along the way and I start finding ways to minimize those ideas until I am left with nothing…I put all my ideas back into a little box tucked away in the corner of the highest shelf in the closet of my heart and they just sit there collecting dust. Man, I feel like the “old toys” from Toy Story 3 haha! I do this to myself and I can blame no one! The only difference between me and those who are successfully trudging ahead is my boldness to GO even when that direction is foreign and I don’t know if I will survive it. JUST DO IT ANYWAYS! If I fall, I fall and put on a bandaid and keep going!!!


THAT is the problem!

How many times can you handle falling before you finally chalk it up to:

This Is NOT For You!?!?!




I can list a thousand reasons why I CAN’T do something and all that would be wasted time where I could have been DOING something.

Motivation —> Procrastination —> Determination —> Fear —> Tenacity —> Doubt —> Boldness —> Worthlessness —> Confidence —> Creativity —> Faith —> Hope —> COME ON AND DO IT!!!

The cycle is tiring just reading it without even adding in that thing you are actually striving for!

No gimmicks, No ploys, No covers, No get-rich-quick-schemes, No hidden agendas, No living opposite of what I write…JUST ME BEING ME DESIRING TO HELP YOU!


I say it over and over again, not just for You, but for myself as a reminder of WHY I do what I do. It helps bring my focus back in place when I feel overwhelmed by social media statistics, and successful book publishers I read about, and my own roller coaster of emotions, and balancing blogging with being a mom and wife and also in full time ministry. Some days I throw my hands up and scream out: I CAN’T DO THIS! and other days I throw my hands up with excitement over new inspirations that spark new ideas. Whether it’s getting FIT and TONED with workouts, spending quality time with my Kiddos, creating a new Recipe, making time to Blog, learning my guitar, practicing songs, learning more about natural remedies, spending time with God, cleaning my house, eating healthy and not emotionally, or anything else I do…

I have to REMEMBER to Keep Going!

I cannot give up on my dreams!

They were put in me for a reason.

Success is Determined by my Determination to Achieve it!

Am I willing to fight for it? It won’t be easy, but it can be done! 



So….. in lieu of all that…

I have made some goals for myself this summer to balance structure and freedom.


My Summer Goals:

These are my DAILY Tasks to strive for each day!

  1. Write 1 Blog, 1 Recipe (w/o pictures), and 1 Article 
  2. Pray for 20 minutes (at least)
  3. Study the Word (30 minutes)
  4. Practice Guitar Chords (20 minutes)
  5. Workout (30 minutes – swimming, deep stretching, free weights, circuits/routines)


Simple Goals, Structure, Balance…It’s something to work towards every day. How much can I accomplish in this day given what this day looks like. Balancing my time depending upon the needs for that day. All of these things will help me achieve success. It’s worth it to me! I’m worth it! I’m worth the effort!



Give Yourself, ALL YOU GOT!


Loves, Hugs, and Plenty of Encouragement,

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