So here I sit…

Late at night…

A bit anxious because my oldest and almost high school bound son will be headed off to a Church Youth Camp called ELEVATE for the next 4 days…without me! Ok, maybe you think I am having an irrational mommy moment, but it’s just a regular mommy moment! LOL! He is 13 (until August) and….ok…Confession…I kind of, have been, well, a bit overprotective! He is still so young and innocent and it’s rare to see kids like that these days. He will be going to Camp with all the High School kids who are in their older teens and both his Dad and I thought this would be a great transition to the High School environment. He went to a Charter School for 7th and 8th grade so needless to say, He has been a little more “sheltered” too. What it all comes down to is that I am an emotional mess! Hahaha! Seriously, I am just NOT READY!!! I’m not ready for him to be in High School and for life to change this much on me. He was just my little baby and now we are both getting older way too fast. Maybe this would make more sense if I explained my teenage pregnancy back story!…not right now…I said it was late! I have to get up in a few hours and drive him to the drop off destination.

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Despite my emotions, I am excited for him to go and experience a time of fun and games and some powerful teaching that will hugely impact his life. We are deeply involved in ministry at our own church and so this environment isn’t new to him. This camp is put on by a larger ministry that gathers jr. high and high school kids from all over for awesome summer experience with guest artists, non-stop activities, and powerful teaching. I know he will encounter God as he “goes up the mountain” and he can do it without mommy and daddy breathing down his neck. I want the best for him and to help him grow into the man of God he is called to be. I just have to TOUGH UP and pull myself together!!! LOL!

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I have just entered a SWEEPSTAKES GIVEWAY to win an LG EasyClean™ Double Oven Range  from over at HOW DOES SHE. I am very excited about it and maybe this late night staying up will pay off!!! (crossing fingers….well I don’t believe that does anything, but you know what I’m getting at!)

Here is the Original Blog Post: – you can enter too!!!

I never win these giveaways, but this was way too awesome to pass up! One of the sweepstakes rules was to write about it on my own blog and link it back to her page in the comments. This would gain me ONE entry in the sweepstakes!

If I win this, I can create many more recipes to share with you and to make my life as a youth pastor, with people always over, much easier when it comes to staff meetings, hangouts, and such! I think the BIGGEST thing I could do is BAKE GLUTEN FREE BREAD….Oh My, how many loaves could I bake at one time!!!!!! EEEEeeeeeeeKkkk! I could fit so many in and then freeze them and even get more bulk baking done, plus do some dehydrating too, and all with an EASY CLEAN OVEN!!!

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Ok, now I should really be getting to bed! Catch you all soon!!!

Nighty Night or Good Morning (whenever you read this!)

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