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Day One!

It All Starts  H E R E !

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Rev up your Blenders & Juicers and Stock your Fridge. Eat up the Colors of the Rainbow with all the Fresh Fruits and Veggies and LET’S DO THIS!!! If you haven’t decided on which PHASE you are committing to, you probably REALLY, REALLY should do that NOW!!! Regardless of what phase you choose, remember to stay hydrated and make “healthy” choices if you’re eating meals.

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A Recap of the  S i m p l e  30 Day Challenge Phases:

1. PHASE ONE (1): ALL OR NOTHING – For the Un-Afraid who desire to FACE HEAD ON this whole Challenge Business!

  • Replace ALL Meals with Smoothies and Freshly Juiced Juices (yes you can purchase smoothies/juices all ready made just remember the FRESHER the better!!! :)
  • You will NOT be eating any Solid Foods during this Challenge. 

2. PHASE TWO (2): RAWrrrr! – For those who want to crunch and munch while they slurp and glurp(?)

  • Replace ALL Meals with Smoothies, Freshly Juiced Juices, and RAW Fruits and Veggies.
  • You can have your carrots and juice or eat them too!
  • This can be fun if you let it. You can start your day with energizing juices, crunch and munch RAW at lunch, and then slurp away the gloopy goodness of a smoothie at dinner. Have Fun, Change it Up!

3. PHASE THREE (3): HALF BAKED – For those who still want a hot meal, even though it’s Plant-Based.

  • Replace ALL Meals with Smoothies, Freshly Juiced Juices, RAW Fruits & Veggies, and a HEALTHY COOKED Meal for dinner.
  • Healthy COOKED Meal –
    • 1 piece of Lean Meat or Fish
    • 1 cup of Cooked, Un-Enriched Whole Grain (rice, pasta, quinoa, etc)
    • 2 cups of Cooked (Steamed/Broiled/Sauted in healthy oil) Veggies

4. PHASE FOUR (4): WIMPY & UN-ASHAMED, BUT STILL HERE! For those who really want to start, but aren’t ready to commit fully to yet. Remember, the more you put IN to this Challenge, the more you will get OUT of this Challenge. If you see yourself settling comfortably into this Last Phase then at least make it worth it by being conscious of your food choices. Grab for healthy snacks and try making your own meals and skipping out on the extra butter, extra cheese, extra fat, and extra sugars. You will be pleasantly surprised how GREAT you will begin to feel when you treat your body with something other than a big piece of cake. You deserve to be Loved WHOLLY and COMPLETELY and that Love has got to come From You, To You FIRST!!!

  • Replace 1 or more Meals with Smoothies & Freshly Juiced Juices
  • Make Healthier Food Choices with all other Meals/Snacks
  • Choose to Love YOU First!!!

 Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

 Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

First Recipe of the Day:

Carrot Juicecarrots

  • 1 bag of Organic Baby Carrots


  • 5 Whole Carrots

Juice them. Enjoy them.

*For extra sweetness you can add 1 apple or 1 pear.

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