Oh Happy Day…whatever Day this is for you!

Get Ready…

…Have I Got Something For YOU!!!

It’s No Million Bucks or anything like that, but it will definitely make you FEEL like a million bucks after you drink it! Kicking the Caffeine is one of the harder habits to give up (it may have something to do with the “addiction”, but we won’t speculate now).

I know for me, giving up caffeine completely is like a BIG NO!!!

I did give up coffee, but I rather enjoy my Chai Tea (not the lattes, although they are great with Almond Milk). I know I can make homemade Chai and use a decaf tea, but there are times when I appreciate the jolt of awake while also enjoying my morning, afternoon, or even evening cup.

Kicking the caffeine completely IS possible.

I did it for a whole year (back before food allergies). I gave up coffee, tea, and chocolate – all sources of caffeine, although sadly, I didn’t know the benefits of juicing and smoothies like I do now to help offer a better alternative. Addiction or Reliance on caffeine is not something that I want to consume or control me so it becomes a balancing act of sorts with how often I drink it.

If you want to experience the Energy Boosting Benefits of Juicing I have just what you need.

Now before I tell you, I wanted to remind you that JUICING is a proven way to easily pack in the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your body needs all in a glass of colorful goodness. Because it contains no “meat” if you will, of the veggies and fruits, your body can much more efficiently absorb the nutrients from it without waiting for digestion. THIS is why Juicing is a great alternative and much more healthy choice than all that caffeine.

Can we make a deal???

How about if I juice more and have less caffeine, YOU juice more and have less caffeine! I mean, who knows, maybe we will both find ourselves all JUICED UP  instead of all Caffeinated Up…I mean, ya never know!!! :)Until then, try this JUICE out in the morning before that cup of black, and see how ya feel. If you want your coffee later, I’m not stopping you, but at least you are giving your body what it needs from the beginning of the day!!!

Who knows, it could become a daily routine!!!


30 Day Smoothie/Juice Challenge:

DAY 14



DAY 14: Recipe of the Day

Dark n’ Greencarrots

Also known as the “nerve stimulant”, Parsley and carrots are packed with amazing nutrients that increase energy and alertness and is a great coffee replacement drink.

  • parsleyHandful of Parsley + 5 Carrots



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