Me Bio PicHi there! I’m Christina, and I’m oh so glad you’ve stopped by.

[Insert Big Smile HERE]

I want this to be a safe place, an honest place, an inspiring place, a place where we can all hope again, dream again, or just BE again!

I’ve gone through my share of, we’ll say, “interesting” ups and downs on this roller coaster called LIFE and while its definitely not all sunshine and flowers every day, it surely is a beautiful-messy-loveliness that I wouldn’t ever trade.

I’m opening up my heart and sharing the raw, unedited versions of myself (well mostly unedited – I mean who doesn’t love a great filter now and again right LOL). I have found that life contains a twirled up combination of things I must overcome. Whether its braving the allergen free world and re-learning how to eat, or conquering all my fears one by one over and over and over again, defeating the odds of becoming a teen mom, discovering the places in-between dreams, desires and purpose, overcoming heartache, rejection and failure, accomplishing fitness goals so I can one day become a Ninja Warrior (hehe jk, maybe), battling overwhelming anxiety and depression, learning natural remedies to heal my body, or adventuring through the journeys of marriage and parenthood…each obstacle has brought me back to this:


Simple. I must extend grace, and I most certainly need grace. I must extend love, and I most certainly need love. When I take a step back from my life and really SEE it, really LOOK at it, really TAKE IT IN, I find these two beautiful words right at the center. A beautiful, messy life, covered by Grace + Love. When these two come together, they open the door for other wonderful things like JOY, PEACE, HOPE, FORGIVENESS, and so much more…How our lives can be both “covered” and yet also have these things “stem from the center” is beyond my understanding, but it is what it is and I’ll take it, because I need it, and you probably do too! (Not probably, you do. Just accept it!)

Here, I’ll share my passions about:

• Family • Faith • Health • Fitness • Food • Coffee • Travel • Music • Creativity

.  .  .  .  .  Gee this is a long list hahaha!

And I hope that as you join me on my journey, you find exactly what you are looking for to help you along your own journey. I’d love to hear from you too so please, like I said, take this as a safe, honest and open place where we can share, listen, vent or just BE!

Together, we can face this thing called LIFE and we can win it, one precious little step at a time! We #KEEPGOING because our Story Is Far From Over!!! ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

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